What’s New with Transientexistence?

A lot has changed and a lot has flourished since turning twenty-one and graduating from college. My leap into a copy writing career led me out of an unhealthy boob tube binge and into the arms of who I believe and know is my future. [Insert romcom introduction credits here]. Joshua and I first introduced ourselves at a work happy hour in celebration of a coworker’s birthday. I finished touching up my lipstick and left the bar’s bathroom to find Joshua standing behind a row of bar stools, eyeing the variety of beers on tap. We were never formally introduced but started working at our software company within two weeks of each other. I felt a sort of school-girl confidence in that he was new just like me. I could be anyone to him. After the awkward greetings and introductions, Joshua and I took a seat at a high-top close to the door in case anyone else from work showed up soon. We discussed our prior writing experiences and how we found the copy writing opportunities. I remembered him introducing himself to our department as living in a house that had a recording studio and that he played bass guitar. Not only was he tall and handsome with a boyish grin that made me want to fling lyrics to Dave Matthews Band’s “Crush” at him, but he loved music as much if not more than I did.

Work relationships are something I’m familiar with. I’ve had them and I’ve failed at them, but I’ve also never been the kind of person to be wary of anything if I enjoy it and if it makes me happy. The key is happiness, something I never paid much mind to before but something about Joshua’s musical banter and his unadulterated honesty made me happy to be his friend. I craved our conversations and the creativity he was inspiring in me. He was too kind and too good of a guy to be real. I knew any feelings I had for him would be messy for both of us, so I kept everything at bay until I just couldn’t anymore. One night, we were at another happy hour with friends from work and I texted him a hint at what I truly felt, the first time in my life I ever pursued someone and was so honest about what I wanted.

Though both of our then-relationships had long-since fizzled and were nearing collapse, we knew the transition from good friends to anything else would be tricky and we’d have to be respectful of our feelings. We proceeded with caution but it only took moments of being that sort of real with each other to realize the strength of the bond we’d been subconsciously building for several months. I defied my own advice and loved him quickly and without restraint.


A year and a half later, we still feel like those giddy kids sitting at a high-top trying to put the pieces together. We love and we focus on happiness. We realize the time spent fighting in past relationships could have been better spent working on trust and teamwork. We realize we bring out the best in each other and I know Joshua is a better person than me in a lot of ways. Since our initial happy hour almost two years ago, we moved in together and adopted two cats and a dog. Our little family of five lives in the heart of Orlando and we commute to work together everyday. Life is simple, and I have absolutely no desire to make it chaotic. Although the lives we live are transient, I’m basking in the moment and the small things like the way Josh’s eyes squint when he’s piecing together chords on his acoustic or the different contours and shades of clouds we pick out on our walks beneath the oaks of College Park. I wish for this sort of happiness and simplicity for everyone.


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