Focus on Yourself

In light of recent events (the widely publicized George Zimmerman trial), I’m pressed to take part in something I rarely do–express my opinions. I followed this trial with more diligence and enthusiasm than I did the Casey Anthony trial or really any trial at all. There was a lot of media-stirred hype and outrage by the circumstances of this case before it was even brought before a court and a jury, so much so that innocent individuals and families were threatened as a result of misguided information. After the verdict was delivered in the evening of Saturday, July thirteenth, I logged into my Facebook account and found it transformed by political speeches and declarations of disgust with this country. The last I knew, no country is perfect. No political platform is perfect, and nothing can ever be perfect for human intentions persist. I am just as saddened by the tragedy that is Trayvon Martin’s death as anyone, seeing as this took place a mere twenty to thirty minutes from my home. I am also saddened that he was only two and a half years younger than me. I can’t imagine my family having to grapple with my death and my subsequent, tragic legacy. 

I have seen a lot of forced suggestions recently that we, as a country, need to start reanalyzing our court systems and our humanitarian efforts at eliminating racism. I agree that there is a lot to begin and even more to accomplish. There is no objection. I am just appalled at the strong responses of the public about what George Zimmerman deserves, like they know what actually happened that night in the rain, behind those town homes. If there was evidence to disprove self defense, why wouldn’t it have appeared in court and supported the State’s accusations? 

I believe that on top of repairing our discriminatory tendencies, the public deserves serious condemnation for how they reacted to this case and its after-effects: riots in major cities of California, New York, and elsewhere, public harassment of a Hispanic man, protests encouraging further violence, and the severe, public responses from celebrities. That we can still allow ourselves to become so enveloped and swayed by the opinions of public figures as opposed to developing our own opinions via research is amazing. I think enough is enough about the verdict of this case. Perhaps we will see some future repercussions.

For now, I suggest that we focus on ourselves and discover what we can do or what we need to become better people. For everyone that labeled this case as a “race issue”, they have all committed a little or a lot of ethical crimes in their lifetimes. This world is full of corrupt people, which is something that has unfortunately been true as long as mankind has existed. We need to learn by the outcome of this trial and the responses of the people around us. 


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